Lynx by Kaisa Kangro. 2016. Pastel on sandpaper.


Eurasian Lynx. Special drawing for the Wildlife themed art exhibition in honour of the Tallinn Zoo 77th birthday celebration in August 2016. So I drew this majestic and beautiful animal because it has been the symbol of Tallinn Zoo for all these many years.


Medium: Pastel on sandpaper

Size: 40cm x 70cm

Year: 2016

Art exhibition at Tallinn Zoo. Kaisa Kangro works. 2016
Lynx in the making. Pastel on sandpaper. Kaisa Kangro 2016

My exhibition works consisted of bronze sculptures and pastel drawings of wildlife. It was an honour to exhibit at an organisation that is doing so much to help wildlife conservation efforts.

Kaisa Kangro art exhibiting at Tallinn Zoo 2016

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