Tallinn Zoo Wildlife Exhibition, Estonia

Wildlife art exhibition

Location: Tallinn Zoo in Estonia, Tallinn Zoo Environmental Education Centre.

To celebrate the 77th birthday of the Tallinn Zoo on 25th August 2016, a group exhibition was held to celebrate wildlife and the achievements of the zoo. The zoo provides environmental education programs for school and kindergarten groups. These programs about nature and animals are designed to support the Estonian education systems. The exhibition was held at the Environmental Education building which is also the west side entrance to the Zoo.

The exhibition displayed sculptures, drawing and paintings in mixed media.

Website: http://tallinnzoo.ee/en

Kaisa Kangro at Tallinn Zoo art exhibition 2016 August
Kaisa Kangro art - bronze snow leopard. Lynx and giraffe paintings. 2016.
Tallinn Zoo exhibition 2016 flyers


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