Portraits of Animals, Seller Restaurant, Tallinn

Art exhibition:Portraits of Animals and the Worlds That Reflect from Their Eyes

Location: Restoran Seller, Klooga mnt 6a, Tabasalu, Estonia 76905

It was a solo exhibition at a very beautiful restaurant named Seller in Estonia, from August until January 2017. Title of the exhibition was: “Portraits of Animals and the Worlds That Reflect from Their Eyes.”

About why I chose the theme:

Have ever you heard the saying – eyes are like the windows to the soul?

Often eyes express what we feel, what we don’t say, but think to ourselves. Animals don’t speak like humans, but we can still tell what they think and feel in that moment. And so, sometimes this moment feels funny, awkward, or scared. At other times determined, thoughtful, surprised, loving, caring, etc.

Animals and humans are very similar in their emotions, often more than we would like to admit. At the same time, it shows how much people are part of the Nature, a puzzle piece from the same world and system.

These works reflect different metaphors, which we can relate to. The story of each work is there to inspire us, and motive in the moments when our soul needs it. And through our eyes, we don’t only see others souls, but we also feed ours…

Website: www.restoranseller.ee

Kaisa Kangro rabbit pastel drawing at Seller restaurant exhibition
Seller restorant exhibition, hares, kaisa kangro 2016
Seller resuaturant, kids play area pastel drawings - Kaisa Kangro - 2016


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