Sustainability School Podcast Kaisa kangro
Sustainability School Podcast Kaisa kangro

What is climate change? Why should we care? How can we make a difference?

These are the questions we discuss in this new podcast. Interviews with biologists, scientists, activists from UK, Estonia and hopefully from across the rest of the world soon. We want to share the info that is available and facilitate collaboration. Please contact me if you would like to get involved: We are looking for new people to interview all the time.


Real life experiences, tried and tested

In addition, I am sharing my own experience of making changes in my life towards a more sustainable lifestyle, along with the podcast co-host Kai Auger. I live in the UK, London, and Kai lives in Estonia, Tallinn, so we are sharing our journeys from different countries on what and how it is possible to make small steps towards a big positive change. Sometimes we win big, sometimes we fail badly, but it’s a worthwhile journey to take! We encourage to join us, hopefully this podcast will be useful in this.

Kaisa and Kai Sustainability School Podcast

What is Sustainability School Podcast?

The practical podcast that provides tips and ideas for fellow busy people who care about the environment and want to make a positive difference with their actions. Learn about #Sustainability and #ClimateCrisis and find out what you can do 🌍

Sustainability School Podcast creation story…

Since 2015 I have been creating art about endangered wildlife species to draw attention to the issue that we are losing these amazing wild animal species at a rapid rate. Mostly it’s because of human activity, which is something we can change. There are great examples of conservation projects, where clever solutions change the situation so humans and animals can coexist. Please see WWF for more on these here.

When the world finally started to take notice that there is a climate emergency happening in 2019, I realised that I can do more, actually we can all do more. That’s when I started to listen what scientists were saying, read about it and test with changes in my own life. I realised it’s not that difficult! Plus, it saves money and time in many areas of my own life, which was a positive surprise, because usually people always say it’s so expensive to be eco as a reason not to do it. Not if you know how to do it right and you can learn from this podcast! 😉

Kai is my good friend, and now co-sustainability warrior, since we used to go to school together in Estonia. When I mentioned the podcast idea to Kai, she was the essential fierce force that gave us the momentum to research the info, learn how to make a podcast, edit and publish it – all from September 2019 to first episode being live in December 2019 🙂 We hope you subscribe and join the journey to our future, let’s collaborate and share the best possible solutions!


Thank you! 


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